With the trends of artificial grass pushing new boundaries every single week, the wonderful varieties that you can get are extending. It’s not just green artificial grass anymore! Colours like blue, green, rust and yellow are finding themselves a comfortable place in the market and wowing people all over the UK. So what is it about artificial colour turf that we love?

Applications of Artificial Colour Turf

Firstly, we have to mention the applications! Although we love it, we don’t expect thousands of blue and yellow artificial lawns to be cropping up all over the neighbourhood! However, remember that artificial colour turf is not just for outdoors, how about as a substitute for the carpet indoors? Or how about a play area? Artificial colour turf could be perfect for this use!  We recommend that if you are using artificial colour turf to install a play/sensory garden you should use ‘Shock Pads’. To read more about these, please click here.

Supply or Supply and Install

We understand that you may want to order artificial colour turf and we can supply this high quality British manufactured turf through a supply only enquiry. However, Lion Lawns specialise in supply and installations so if you are in the Teesside/North Yorkshire area, rest assured we can create something vibrant, colourful and of exceptional high quality! You will also benefit from warranties and guarantees of both the product and the installation.

Without Further Ado… Let us show you your contenders:

artificial colour turf

Blue, red, yellow or white artificial colour turf

artificial colour turf

Natural green colour turf

artificial colour turf

Even pink artificial colour turf!

Remember we can provide more colours, just contact us to find out!

For more information on our artificial colour turf, please call our offices to receive a free no obligation quote.

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