Take a look up from your screen and peer out of the window. What do you see? Mud? Weeds? Patches of dead grass? Well that’s February for you, and once this happens unfortunately it is very difficult to amend and then maintain.

Our solution… An artificial garden!

Do you want the neighbours to walk past and think wow! How about your friends, family and even pets! Would they benefit from an artificial garden? Well make sure you are ready for the summer, because February is the time to start thinking about an artificial garden (synthetic lawn) to be ready for those beautiful summer barbecues that we all know and love.

Some people often think that ‘artificial’ gardens are unrealistic however with our wide range of grass types, colours, textures and some with a thatch running through them, we can provide you with a lawn suitable for you, realistic and incredibly low maintenance.

This image below is a picture of a garden taken February 2015. The winter had clearly taken its toll on the grass; it looked lifeless, and the owner wanted a lawn to be proud of.


The owner tried to make the most of the garden however the lawn was simply letting it down.

That’s where we came in. We gave the owner a consultation and discussed preferred grass types, we measured and agreed on a sale. Within a short space of time and our team of turf installers we were able to create this masterpiece!


No weeds? Yes! An artificial garden that looks un-artificial

We are sure that the owner spent a lot of time outside in summer 2015, why wouldn’t you with a garden like that?! Any shape garden is possible and believe us the winter weather will not have the same effects as the first garden as our turf is fully weatherproof!

To read up more about our artificial gardens and the grass types to choose from, click here.



Act now, be prepared for summer 2016 with an artificial garden and get in touch if you would like a free no obligation quote and a friendly discussion with our team.

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