We have another miraculous project to show you. This is the story of how we created a miniature basketball court in a garden as a bespoke fitted artificial turf play surface. The creations are becoming more and more wonderful by the day and this is becoming a summer of new and exciting installations at Lion Lawns.

You may very well remember us completing a miniature football pitch in a garden at the start of the summer, well now we have gone a step further and created a play surface with a basketball free throw line and circle.  The 60 square metres of specialist durable artificial turf completed with bespoke white line markings (cut and moulded into the turf which means no constant spraying as you would on natural grass). Our TD24 artificial turf is less abrasive than your usual run of the mill artificial grass which means pet and child friendly.

Well let’s get to it, here is exactly what we did to create the artificial turf play surface masterpiece!

Before Lion Lawns approached this garden the space was not utilised. So much potential, what could they do with it?

artificial turf play surface

After extensive designs and thorough consultations, the opportunity of an artificial turf play surface arrived which we could create using the clients own individual vision.

The first step is to prepare the base works, if these are not properly cared for lots of problems can arise in the future. Here at Lion Lawns we use the most advanced technology in supplying and installing artificial grass so be sure that you are safe in our hands. We provide the plastic Marmax recycled edging products for their durability and coupled with a weed membrane and the dig out of the natural grass, something amazing can be created.

artificial turf play surface

We aim to minimise any inconvenience to our customers therefore always leave with a fantastic artificial turf play surface to be proud of.

After the fitting of the grass carpet and bespoke basketball pitch markings, the customers were very happy with their new playing surface…

artificial turf play surface

Imagine having one of these in your garden! The children would absolutely love it and it is a mess free alternative to natural grass.

artificial turf play surface

Our British manufactured grass is of the highest quality and delivers a fantastic performance

FACT: Did you know that our installers are all DBS checked? If you have a garden that is used regularly by children, be sure that Lion Lawns is safe throughout all aspects of the job.

Do you want an artificial turf play surface for your home? Basketball/football/netball/hockey/MUGA? Well now you can have one at Lion Lawns! Simply contact us using the information below:

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