If you happen to be visiting Nunthorpe Methodist Church in the near future, be sure to check out the artificial turf installation that Lion Lawns have completed creating a brand-new playground for the children in the local community. This is another project we are proud to call ours because we delivered all parts of the project from start to finish including the patio paving and the construction of the equipment.


The brand new play surface for the immediate community

Our Play Green artificial turf was used in this installation because it is a fully texturised product that will remain intact even after heavier footfall and regular playing. The product is designed for play areas therefore is super safe and complete with trip free edging and a nonabrasive feel.


Lion Lawns constructed the play equipment and also designed a target and hopscotch

Lion Lawns can create all sorts of designs for your play area. This one included a target and hopscotch which are also made with our play area turf, this is called Play Colour and we can create bespoke designs for your installation. Better yet, we can even supply you with the turf to create your own designs for supply only.


Noah’s ark play equipment complete with blue turf to represent the sea and green for the land

One of the main purposes a play area is for is to encourage activity in young children. Therefore, Nunthorpe Methodist Church wanted some play equipment to make activity fun and engaging. The Boat was constructed by our team in a way to represent Noah’s Ark and bring Religious Education to the outdoor area and inspire children to learn about the story. We think this looks incredible! The turf was designed in a way to look like the water representing the flood in the story.

A climbing frame, slide and swing set were also included. Artificial turf is a perfect product to go underneath play equipment, this is because it can be coupled easily with shock pads which are essential to cover the critical fall height making it the safest environment possible.


It was also important that the church had a quiet outdoor area for parents and carers to observe and perhaps sit with the smaller children in the play house. Consequently, Lion Lawns created this patio area as part of the installation which gives it that little bit extra.

Our clients at Nunthorpe Methodist Church were very happy with their install from Lion Lawns.

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