Lion Lawns have enjoyed 2015 as we have installed some fantastic artificial lawns across the North East. Here we are going to look back at some of our memorable garden transformations from this year.
We will also look back at some of our favourite putting greens from last year so make sure you check out part two of Lion Lawns Looking back.



Half way through the artificial grass carpet installation


Redcar artificial turf installation complete

This summer we were in Redcar installing a stunning artificial lawn. We fitted our artificial grass in the front and back gardens and we were proud of the finished results. Keeping real grass in a lush green colour is almost an impossible task so we made it easy by installing lush green artificial turf to make this garden look great all year.
You may recognise this garden from our recent installation guide “How to install Artificial Grass”.


Around the front garden of the artificial grass project

Redcar front garden: Before

Redcar front garden: Before

Redcar front garden: After

Redcar front garden: After


Another artificial lawn that stood out this year was one that we installed in Billingham. The garden looked great and we think the artificial lawn made the perfect finishing touch to this fantastic area.


Billingham garden given a much low maintainable solution


Now it won’t be difficult to mow, because it doesn’t need to be!

Hutton Rudby



All the benefits of natural grass without the hassle

Artificial Turf looks great, but it’s the no mowing that makes it so popular for people’s gardens. This lawn in Hutton Rudby is the perfect example of how easy it is for a lawn to become overgrown and become messy. With the new artificial lawn installed the garden looks great.


Hutton Rudby before Lion Lawns came in to install a stunning no hassle lawn.


Such an amazing fake lawn garden makeover!

Thornaby, Middlesbrough

This garden in Thornaby stood out because it’s unusually and quirky shape. Our experienced installers can install artificial turf in all shapes and sizes and our design team can design your lawn to make it fit perfectly into any garden.


Thornaby before!


Thornaby after with Lion Lawns artificial turf.



Artificial lawns- tidying up ‘hard to mow’ areas

This lawn in Sedgefield is definitely not the biggest but the transformation from rubble to lush green is one that still stands out from this lawn. Lion Lawns love transforming gardens and we strive to make your lawn perfect whatever the weather.


Wondering whether we can install on your existing surface? Nothing is too difficult for us at Lion Lawns



Another install to be proud of


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