Often looked out of your window at a garden overrun by weeds? Not only may it be a bit unpleasant to look at but its impractical too! Think of what you could do with an even flat surface of lush green grass all year long… Solved by an artificial lawn.

New Marske Artificial Lawn

We are rewinding back the clock to revisit our New Marske artificial lawn project last year that dramatically transformed a garden. The word ‘artificial’ is often misinterpreted because our artificial lawns are actually incredibly realistic and look like a normal garden but with less maintenance, fully weather proof and come with 8 years’ product warranty!

New Marske: Before

The garden was unmanageable and simply too difficult to control due to the sheer amount of weeds that kept appearing. We all come to that stage in life where maintaining the garden is not a priority anymore and is simply too difficult to stay on top of.


The garden was unusable- the first step is to take up the existing grass

New Marske After:

After the baseworks are laid the artificial lawn is installed to a very high standard and the result is astonishing.

artificial lawn after new marske

No mud, no mess and no weeds! Finally

artificial lawn after

This artificial lawn can now be used for its purpose

After artificial lawn

The owners can still plant flowers in the bedding to keep all of those beautiful garden luxuries.


From the images it is clear that this is a drastic improvement from the previous garden but the real benefit is everything that comes after. An artificial lawn is a one off cost that requires very little maintenance (e.g. picking up leaves in the autumn), the lawn can be used all year round so whether you want to chill out in the garden with a cold beer or the children want to practice their handstands we can provide something suitable for you. (We even provide shock pads if you want to create a safe play area for your children).

At Lion Lawns not only do we install artificial lawns but we can also do supply only, design to your preference and offer a range of artificial turf types to completely suit your needs. We can also offer a lot of helpful advice on artificial lawns so even if you are just wondering what it entails that is what we are here for and we are more than happy to answer any additional queries.


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