Are you undecided about the garden that is right for you? Do you think that all artificial lawns look the same? Well we are going to prove that each garden is different and can show you the endless possibilities that artificial lawns have using a variety of different turf types.

Transformations to Artificial Lawns

From previous articles we are sure you all know the process of installing artificial lawns and how they look before and after but for today’s news story we have collated together a gallery of all of the developments throughout the past few years that we are exceptionally proud of. So this is all of our news stories rolled into one to give you a clear picture of turf possibilities!

Landscaped artificial garden with gravel, paving and edging

Even though this was only a small patch of artificial lawn, it really set off the garden and looked so modern!


Artificial Lawn at Hutton Rudby with Decking and brown wooden fencing

This Hutton Rudby project was yet another perfect lawn, the turf looked realistic and coupled with the flowers the customer could have a summer garden all year long!

Awkward shaped artificial lawn

Although this was a tricky shape, the green grass really stood out and looked very eye catching!

Artificial Lawn in Thornaby with paving and high quality edging

This artificial lawn in Thornaby is very similar to the project at Hutton Rudby and the turf resulted in no mud or mess! What could be better!

Darlington Artificial Lawn with Playground

Darlington Safe Play area, which was a real hit on our social media sites! Safe to say the children were pleased!

To read more on the Darlington Safe Play project, click here 

Artificial-Lawn-in-Sedgefield with flower borders and trees

Sedgefield development- Low maintenance? Definitely. Mowing? Absolutely not!


Ingleby Barwick installation- Imagine being here in the summer?


This garden had a huge weed problem, now it is a large safe play area and weed-free!


This picturesque lawn was simple yet very attractive and remember, guaranteed for 8 years!


Even the smallest patches of artificial lawn can make a statement

If you’re still undecided about artificial lawns, then click here and it will redirect you to our page on why you may be wrong on artificial grass

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