Say hello to Lion Lawns! The artificial lawn company where we work hard to deliver fantastic results in a short time frame; priding ourselves on high quality and limited inconvenience to our customers, it is no wonder this team managed to install five artificial grass garden projects over the last week.

This week we have been travelling the whole of Teesside and worked on projects from Stockton to Loftus. A total of 205 square metres was installed by just one team and they were all full builds (uplifting natural turf, creating a base and then laying the artificial grass).

No job is too challenging for Lion Lawns…

Project 1: Stockton

This client wanted a garden that would be low maintenance and to be loved by all the family, including the dogs! That is when we got to work transforming their existing back garden into a new mud-free surface.

The client was over the moon- ‘It Looks so good and the dogs are loving it!’

Square Metres: 40m2

Turf Type: Finesse Lite

Location: Stockton

Additional Extras: The team also laid purple slate stones in the front garden

process of installing an artificial lawn

From Left to right: natural patchy garden, digger machine pulling up the turf, the stone base, and the final result of a new artificial lawn.

Project 2: Acklam

Some gardens are of such a huge size, mowing, weeding and watering is simply too long of a task. That is why this client opted for a luxurious artificial grass.

Square Metres: 104m2

Turf Type: Vision Deluxe

Location: Acklam

artificial lawn install in pictures

Before, during and after images from natural lawn to artificial.

Project 3: Eston

Ever thought artificial grass looks “too fake”, well think again. Our Finesse artificial grass is designed to look and feel like natural turf which was why it was the choice for our third client.

Size: 28m2

Turf Type: Finesse

Location: Eston

complete artificial lawn

Artificial grass garden

Project 4: Hemlington

This modern space was complete with artificial grass in the middle of the paved area creating a focal point in the garden.

Square Metres: 20.8m2

Turf Type: Finesse

Location: Hemlington

octagonal artificial lawn

Octagonal garden installed with artificial grass with paving around

Project 5: Loftus

Even small spaces (well, especially small spaces!) can be changed with a little synthetic grass. These are often spaces which are difficult to maintain with natural grass, so why not switch it up like this client did.

Square Metres: 12m2

Turf Type: Finesse

Location: Loftus

artificial lawn before and after

From left to right: soil rectangular garden, artificial lawn in replacement of it.

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