Do you live in a new build with a 6-foot-high fence? Perhaps your house is facing away from the sunshine. Maybe you live in a bungalow surrounded by three storey houses. There are many reasons why your garden may be in the shade. But you don’t need to stop using your garden completely.

Shade Gardens with No Sunlight

Artificial grass doesn’t need sunshine, it doesn’t need watering, or weeding, or fertilising (or even mowing for that matter!) No, it stays that beautiful luxury green colour all year long.

And that is why we were at Stockton in Teesside last week for this enclosed outside space which needed a little TLC, and boy did it look different! We were approached a few weeks ago by this facility which is used by members of the local community to completely revamp their outside space.

The community facility was transformed with Lion Lawns Finesse landscaping grass which really did open up a lot more opportunities for everyone involved.

no sun garden artificial lawn

Before and after artificial grass

Winter doesn’t always need to be a time to sit in and think that, “We will leave the garden till summer”. Why not prepare for the summer now? And you can even take advantage of the 20% winter discount too (available for installs until February 2019).

What if I have a Really Sunny Garden?

Not to worry, Lion Lawns artificial grass guarantees 10 years UV protection from sunlight. It doesn’t discolour, plus it is a fire retardant too.

Artificial Grass and Sunlight

Need to know more about shaded gardens and synthetic turf? We are here to answer any questions you may have and make the process that little bit easier.

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