Vision is a word which has two meanings; both extremely important to us. The first is our Vision artificial grass type and the second is your vision. We always want to make sure that your vision of perfect artificial grass is fulfilled.

One of our popular areas for residential artificial grass gardens is Ingleby Barwick, Teesside, and the project we are illustrating today were completed with both visions and it ended as a perfect lawn!

Artificial Grass Ingleby Barwick

Our most popular area has received another garden revamp!

Your Vision

  • Perfectly manicured
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for all of the household, even pets!
  • Somewhere to sit out in summer
  • And build a snowman in winter
  • No mud, no weeds, no mess!
  • Attractive all year long

Artificial grass is the solution


Our Vision

Vision is a type of artificial grass that we offer in residential homes for your garden lawn. It has a number of benefits to coincide with YOUR VISION

  • Thick, soft and healthy looking appearance
  • Number of green tones and multiple blades of grass
  • 24mm pile height
  • All green for that summer look all year round!
  • Safe for all!

To read more on Vision or request a sample, click here:

Vision artificial turf sample

The Vision artificial grass type used for the Ingleby Barwick installation

Ingleby Barwick installation

The natural grass before the artificial turf transformation

The garden looked lifeless and the patches of dead grass were difficult to maintain.

Taking up the turf and creating a smooth surface for the artificial grass

The first step in the artificial grass installation is to take up the existing grass


Taking up the turf leaving a flat soil surface

Preparation for the baseworks to be laid

Finished artificial Grass surrounded by gravel in a curved large shape

And just look at the difference a day makes! Yes most of our projects take 1-1.5 days


Finished artificial grass

Just sensational!

The lawn provided a spring of colour to the garden and really stood out!


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