Usually at Lion Lawns, we always say don’t drive your car over your artificial grass. This is because we use a crushed limestone base that is compacted, and we don’t want this to move. However, what if you actually wanted an artificial grass driveway? This is certainly an option to explore and something that we can do. Last week we were in Redcar completing an artificial grass driveway with a slightly different base work structure. Here is the story…

artificial grass driveway

An artificial grass driveway for your home is possible.

As with all astro turf installs, the most important part is the base. Taking into account certain factors such as how the turf will be used, the current condition and the ground underneath needs to be looked at carefully. Now there are certain products available that makes some installations possible, and this week Lion Lawns pushed the boundaries and created an artificial grass driveway.

The way this is done is by using a product called honeycomb matting. 200mm of natural grass and soil is dug out and then a weed membrane and edging is laid exactly as it would with all of our installs (only its 150mm deeper to create the sturdy base).

artificial grass driveway base

This honeycomb matting is then secured in place and filled with stone.

artificial grass driveway base

Only the area where the car is going to be parked needs the honeycomb structure.

artificial grass stone base

The base is compacted

The 6-day install used Finesse Lite artificial grass , one of our top selling products. We don’t want a longer pile height product that might go much flatter under car tyres.

artificial grass driveway

The complete artificial grass driveway and surrounding areas around the house.

TIP: If you are thinking about getting both your front and back gardens complete with artificial grass, it is much more cost effective to have them both done at the same time. You could save much more.

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