Sometimes a garden is just simply too difficult to maintain! The patchy grass, unwanted debris that penetrates the surface and encourages weeds to grow. The amount of fertiliser and watering that you need to do to maintain that beautiful green can become far too much and make gardening turn into a chore that no one wants to touch! What can you do about it? Of course you can try to salvage the problem by dedicating a large amount of your free time however there is a much simpler solution! One that may only take a day or two and can leave your garden as beautiful as ever… Opt for Lion Lawns, designers, suppliers and installers of artificial turf.

If this all sounds familiar to you then you are clearly in the right place! We are going to show you in today’s blog just how much of a transformation we can make with artificial turf with our featured garden in Acklam, Middlesbrough.

Artificial turf before

Before Lion Lawns were on the scene

Before artificial turf was an option the garden was difficult to maintain. The customers wanted a low maintenance turf type which would be suitable for pets!

22 metres of Finesse artificial turf were supplied. Finesse gives off the look of a freshly mowed pile height and coming in at a 28mm pile height with a brown thatch, this was the perfect natural looking lawn replica!

Are you ready for the transformation?


Artificial turf

The lawn was a fantastic addition to the home and optimised the use of the space in the garden!

artificial turf

We were proud of the installation, the clients were happy and even the dog was pleased!

artificial turf

Artificial turf creates a perfect atmosphere for a garden and eliminates mud and mess!

Why don’t we compare?

If this isn’t a huge difference, then what is! The customers can benefit from an all-weather proof, low maintenance, 8 year warranty surface that will last for many years!

artificial turf

Before and after

And the customers left us a fantastic review!

Thanks to Ste and his team for fitting our new artificial lawn, it looks amazing we are very happy with it, highly recommend. They are super-efficient and very reliable”.

“We are over the moon with it!”

If you would like Lion Lawns to come and transform your garden with artificial turf, get in touch with us today!

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