Artificial Grass & Landscape Gardeners Marske

Landscaping Gardeners Marske

At Lions Lawns, we pride ourselves on the ability to completely change the look of any outdoor space. If your dream is to create a beautiful new garden or to have a total makeover to your existing garden by designing a relaxing area or creating a place you can spend some good time unwinding with the family, we are here for you!

There are many landscaping projects that we can handle regardless of whether it is large or small. We ensure the project is complete according to how our clients want it to be done and offer advice where necessary. Give us a call for any form of landscaping, artificial grass installation, decking or fencing and be confident that we shall leave you a happy client. We are the best at what we do and we can easily manage a wide range of landscaping services.

The size or shape of your property does not limit the landscaping potential of a garden. Our work is to ensure that we turn your dream into reality. We come to your rescue whenever you feel helpless about what to do with your compound’s landscaping. We shall advise appropriately and lead you in the best direction. Feel free to reach out for Lion Lawns for fencing, decking, patios, paving, and artificial grass installation.




Artificial grass and landscaping services to the Marske area

Our priority at Lion Lawns is to give life to a dull area. We fulfill your needs of transforming a place that used to be muddy, sandy, dusty or generally un-kept into a beautiful area using artificial grass installation. Do you need an artificial grass ideal for your pets and children? You’ve come to the right place. Artificial turf has become a homeowner’s favorite in the UK as it is easy to manage, maintain, and can be used for a long time.

Compared to natural grass, artificial grass has many advantages. Maintaining natural grass takes much of your time as you will be required to uproot the overgrown weeds from time to time. Natural grass becomes muddy especially when there are heavy rains. On the other hand, artificial grass comes in as a savior for both the time and effort that could be used on natural grass. In the long run, you will realise that artificial turf is durable, stronger, and still gives the attractiveness that comes with natural grass.
At Lion Lawns, we ensure that we customise artificial turf that fits the exact size and shape as the outdoor area you want it to fit. The synthetic grass we install is strong enough to handle any kind of outdoor pressure. Your children can play on it without you worrying about it getting damaged. We are just a call away from having your artificial turf laid on the desired area and instantly transform the look of your outdoor area. You only need to call us and we shall conduct a site visit to determine the size that will best suit your outdoor needs before we do the actual installation.

Artificial grass installation Marske

We have various factors to consider before choosing an artificial lawn which includes the lawn’s density, length, and color. It is important to consider installing good quality artificial grass as this is the vital aspect that will determine the life of the artificial lawn. Lion Lawns offers you the latest Astro lawn technology that we introduced after extensive research and experience in dealing with artificial grass. For us, artificial turf installation is an art that we enjoy doing. This is the reason why you need to be confident with our work as we make the artificial grass appear authentic and real. We make sure that we use materials that give out the best results in terms of appearance and service. Our team possesses the necessary expertise, tools, and techniques that are vital to ensure that the installation meets the required standards. After artificial grass is installed by our company, it lasts for a very long time without anyone spotting the difference between the lawn and natural grass. The lavish green of the artificial lawn maintains its glow and attractiveness all through the years. The high level of skills we offer here is exactly what you are looking for and we will be very happy you accord you the necessary assistance when needed.

Feel free to contact us anytime, ask questions about anything concerning artificial turf installation and we will be glad to serve you and assist you appropriately. We will be pleased to help you every step of the way through your garden’s makeover. We shall give guidance in the right product choice, any information you need before, during, and even after installation.


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Fencing Marske

Any garden requires fencing to ensure privacy as well as safety. Your garden does not just need a fence; it has to bring out a decorative aspect as well. It is important to pick a fence that you can depend on, something that is durable and that also suit the style of your garden. You can get a variety of fences at Lion Lawns that you can choose from. Our fences come in different materials and finishes so that our customers may find the blend that goes in hand with their interests.

Our team of fencing contractors use materials that are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. They have years of experience and will ensure that they install the fence in a way that suits the surrounding compound. To maintain a new fence and keep it in good condition, you will be required to go the extra mile more than just applying a coat of varnish. Our company is proud to always provide our clients with the ideal fence for their gardens and to do a good job of installing it properly. In case you are wondering which type of fence would suit your garden, feel free to contact us and we shall advise accordingly. We shall guide you through the process of choosing the right fence, installation, and maintenance required afterward.

Decking Marske

Are you looking for a company that can help you install a new decking at your property? Lion Lawns is the right place for you! A well-installed decking comes with several advantages which include the sturdiness, ease of management, and visual appeal.

We guide our clients on the proper materials available and the techniques required to mount decking on specific properties. We also offer our clients expert advice on what needs to be done after a successful installation. Our team comes through for your specific needs. Whether you want to install decking for a garden party, or you want to improve the appearance of your backyard, Lion Lawns is the here for you.
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Patios Marske

You can use patios to add more life to the surrounding area of your property. A good quality patio lasts long, has the right texture and is aesthetically attractive. You will have minimal maintenance costs with patios and you will never regret the welcoming feeling they offer your visitors. You will find patios in different colors, textures, and designs that give you the room to satisfy your tastes and preferences.

At Lion Lawns, we offer patios professional advice to our clients. We help them choose patios that suit their homes as well as what they like or prefer. We also do expert patios installation and make sure we bring out the best results at the end of it. For more information contact our company, we will respond to all your questions.

Paving Marske

Paving can be described as the covering installed outside a property surrounding. Some are done as a whole while others are partially done depending on the home owner’s preferences. You may choose to have it done along with the installation of an artificial lawn or any other installation process being done around your compound. Lion Lawns offer pavements that are durable, well-built, and customized to fit the home owner’s property. We also give our clients professional guidance and directions in case they are not sure of the road to follow with their new paving. We give advice taking into consideration that all gardens have their unique features and we customise our paving styles to fit in different property types.

We are proud to offer the necessary assistance to all our clients. In case you have any queries concerning outdoor paving, feel free to call us. We will be pleased to offer expert recommendations regarding the paving styles and also help you choose the ideal one for your property. We also offer installation services that we assure our clients of the outcome of their dreams.