Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf Gardens

Lion Lawns is a leading supplier, designer and installer in the artificial grass industry.

Artificial grass lawns have become a popular choice across the domestic sector, with home gardens, rooftops, patios and balconies being transformed with natural looking synthetic turf. At Lion Lawns we pride ourselves on using a mixture of the best in artificial grass technology and an extensive expertise in the industry to deliver a fantastic service to our clients.

The artificial grass industry has been developing for the past few years, meaning that we can now get more creative than ever with a product that looks completely natural, like lush green grass. We know that the world of artificial grass, fake lawns and synthetic turf can seem vast and complicated. That’s why we’re here to guide you every step of the way, offering you a diverse range of high quality products to choose from.¬†You can only buy Lion Lawns direct from our head office or through one of our licensed distributors.