Golf Surrounds

Are you thinking about having a golf putt in your garden? Remember to think about the golf surround or fringe which would be installed around the putting green. Not only is this attractive looking but it can help to ensure the longevity of the product so you aren’t always walking on the actual putting grass. In turn this will increase performance.

 What is a Golf Surround?

A golf surround is the area situated around the putting green. We usually recommend that you use a longer pile height than the putting green turf, (both golf putt and golf putt pro are a 24mm fully texturised pile height) therefore we recommend either Vision  23mm or Vision Deluxe 30mm. Although Vision is a 23mm pile height, remember that the putting green turf is fully texturised therefore once installed, it looks shorter as the Vision landscape grass blades stand up straight against it. In addition, both of the vision grasses are ‘all-green’ which means that they don’t have a brown thatch running through and it contrasts with the putting green turf producing a neat and immaculate result with a lush sea of green.

A little confused at what to choose? Let us show you some putting greens with a golf surround to give you more of an idea:

golf surround

Golf Surround

golf surround


We can send you samples so that you can compare each product and decide which is best for you! If you’re in and around the Teesside area, we can offer supply and installation using a highly trained and dedicated team of installers. If you’re outside of this area, we can supply your high quality manufactured product.

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Vision offers a fresh green lawn to relax on and admire. This 24mm pile height has a number of green tones and multiple blades of grass which offers a soft and healthy looking appearance.

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