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Landscape Gardeners Billingham

Lion Lawns is an established landscaping business with an excellent reputation. With over 15 years experience of landscaping projects our company have all the expertise needed to transform your garden into the perfect environment. Perhaps you are looking for a stunning yet low-maintenance garden, or just a relaxing place to unwind during the summer months? Whatever your dream project Lion Lawns can accommodate your needs, be it a large scale transformation or simply a small patch of artificial grass or decking to enhance an outdoor area.

If you have a garden area that needs revamping but are unsure of the best method of doing this we can advise on a range of landscaping options such as fencing, new patios, artificial grass or decking. Every outdoor space has great potential to become a dream garden no matter what the size or shape.

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Landscaping & artificial turf experts in Billingham

Artificial grass has begun to have great appeal for homeowners across the UK due to it’s an attractive look, robust qualities and low maintenance. Natural grass can become muddy, patchy and difficult to manage in terms of weeds and waterlogging. Due to weather fluctuations in the UK throughout the year it can be extremely hard to keep a real lawn in pristine condition.

Artificial grass provides the perfect solution as it has the aesthetic appeal of real grass and can be fitted to suit the exact shape and size of any garden or outdoor area. Lion Lawns use a synthetic grass that is designed to withstand constant stresses such as barbecues, childrens’ play areas, or just general footfall across the turf. Our company provide a bespoke service and we are available to visit your home for a consultation to ascertain your exact requirements.

Artificial grass installation Billingham

We will be able to discuss the options for your artificial lawn including length, density and colour, and you can be assured that we use only state of the art astro turf technology to ensure a high-quality finish.

The expertise of staff at Lion Lawns will enable you to select the ideal product for your outdoor area, and most guests won’t be able to tell the difference between a real lawn and the lush, green turf that we can install. We can guarantee detailed customer consultation and a high standard of work both before, during and after your turf installation.


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Fencing Billingham

Fencing is vital to any garden or outdoor space for privacy, safety and as a decorative feature, therefore, it is important to choose a fence installation that fits in with your environment and needs. Fences at Lion Lawns come in a wide variety of materials and finishes so that you can select the blend that best suits your requirements.

Fences are constructed from environmentally friendly and durable materials, and our fencing contractors are professionally trained to advise on the type and size of fence that will be most suitable for your needs.

Getting the correct proportions, colour and materials for your fence is crucial to ensuring your garden flows and looks pleasing and that it is safe and private in equal measure – therefore don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and find out more about the fencing options available.

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Decking Billingham

Unbeatable in those summer months, decking provides a great way to rejuvenate your garden and can transform an unappealing spot into a focal point for family and friends. Whatever the size of decking you require, our team have a wide breadth of knowledge and can advise on all aspects of decking from suitable materials to the best decking adaptation for specific types of property. Our service also extends to advice for customers after their installation, and you can rely on our professional landscapers to get the job done to a very high standard.

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Patios Billingham

Patios are a great garden favourite in the UK and can reinvigorate a garden and make it look beautiful and welcoming. Patios are low maintenance and durable and customers have the pleasure of choosing their perfect patio from a wide range of designs, textures and colours so that the end result is a patio they can be proud of.

Lion Lawns can provide professional advice and guide clients through the range of options and materials that will be most appropriate for their living space, budget and requirements. Our highly experienced team will be with you at every step of the way to consult with you about your exact requirements and details of the installation as well as providing follow-up advice.

Paving Billingham

Strategically placed paving outside of your property is low maintenance and looks amazing. Many of our satisfied customers have paving installations that have been tailored to their properties and to the surrounding features in their gardens to create an harmonious look. For instance, you could have just a part of your garden paved in conjunction with artificial grass and other enhancements, or you may want a larger area covering.

Lion Lawns can provide professional recommendations and configure paving to fit the layout and aesthetics of each particular space. Paving is unique to each property and we can advise on the best styles and materials so that you are able to select a range that is ideal for your specific outdoor space.

Call our team of landscape gardening experts today to find out about the many options available for transforming your garden.