Artificial Lawn in Eston


  • CASE STUDY: Artificial Lawn Install in Eston
  • LOCATION: Eston
  • GRASS TYPE: Vision Deluxe
  • SIZE OF AREA: 2 gardens- front and back
  • LINK TO BLOG: Link 1 Link 2
  • BRIEF OVERVIEW OF PROJECT: This project was double special for us because we completed both front and back gardens. If you are a customer thinking about doing this, we always encourage it as you can save yourself a lot of money due to the fact that grass comes on standard 4 metre widths and you can minimise waste. This Eston garden really tested our landscapers creative skills as it included a lot of cutting in and around a pond and borders. But the end result looked absolutely fabulous and really did push the boundaries in what we can offer at STM. what do you think of it?


Lion Lawns Garden

Removing the existing grass to leave a smooth and even surface.

Vision Deluxe Installation

The vision deluxe grass was fit to the grass and cut to perfection.


Finished Lion Lawns Garden with Vision Deluxe

The finished lawn