Vision offers a fresh green lawn to relax on and admire. Combining a number of green tones and multiple blades of grass. Vision offers a thick, soft and healthy looking surface.

It is a perfect artificial grass type for gardens as it is designed with landscaping and comfort in mind! This soft and durable grass stands at a 24mm pile height and has an integrated curly fibre.

Vision is often described as an aesthetically attractive product. This because it is all green and gives a ‘masterpiece’ looking at the end of the installation.

Vision is recommended for all sorts of uses but it does purely depend on the customers preference. This is because it provides a very different look to other turf types that have a brown thatch running through such as Finesse Lite.



Vision grass used for your install in Swainby

If you are still unsure about which grass type is suitable for you there are a number of different options to explore:



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