Vision offers a fresh green lawn to relax on and admire. Combining a number of green tones and multiple blades of grass. Vision offers a thick, soft and healthy looking surface.

It is a perfect artificial grass type for gardens as it is designed with landscaping and comfort in mind! This soft and durable grass stands at a 24mm pile height and has an integrated curly fibre. It is often described as an aesthetically attractive product. This because it is all green and gives a ‘masterpiece’ looking at the end of the installation.

Pile Height 24mm
Total Height 26mm
Pile Weight 1,470 g/m2
Machine Gauge 3/8
Stitch Rate/Metre 180
Stitches (m2) 18,900
Tufts (m2) 37,800
Total Filaments (m2) 491,400
Total Dtex 13,250
Total Weight  2,098
Roll Width 4
Shipping weight (kg/m2) 2.7
Backing Cloth Polyester and Polypropylene woven fabric which is sewn together with a polyester nonwoven fabric
Coating Performance formula latex compound, designed for landscape and leisure products

Vision grass used for your install in Swainby

Vision is made from two different types of monofilament yarn which are straight and texturised:

Straight Yarn Texturised Yarn
Yarn Type Monofilament Monofilament
Material Polyetylene Polyethlene
Dtex 8,000 5,250
Filaments 8 5