Golf Putt Pro.

Golf Putt Pro is a superior 18mm pile height putting surface which is fully texturised standing at approximately 12mm. The speed of putt on a Golf Putt Pro green will be the same as if playing on a natural grass green.

Unsanded Stimpmeter Reading 9 (Fast)

Pile Height 18mm
Total Height 20mm
Pile Weight  1,560 g/m2
Machine Gauge 3/16
Stitch Rate/metre 220
Stitches (m2) 46,200
Tufts (m2) 92,400
Total Filaments (m2) 92,400
Total Dtex 8,400
Total Weight 2,348 g/m2
Roll Width (L/M) 4
Shipping Weight (kg/m2) 2.4 k
Primary Backing  Polyester and Polypropylene woven fabric which is sewn together with a polyester nonwoven fabric
Backing Compound High performance latex compound, specifically designed for sport products

A Golf Putt Pro Garden

Golf Putt Pro is made up from one type of yarn:

Yarn Monofilament
Material Polyethylene
Yarn Type Texturised
Colour Olive Green


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