Finesse Lite.

The little brother of the Finesse family is Finesse Lite. Quality engineered throughout, Finesse Lite is shorter in height at 22mm in a field green colour, providing a soft, yet durable multi-purpose surface affording a natural look throughout its lifetime.

Pile Height 22mm
Total Height 24mm
Pile Weight 1099g/m2
Machine Gauge 3/8
Stitch Rate/Metre 130
Stitches (m2) 13650
Tufts (m2) 27300
Total Filaments (m2) 546000
Total Dtex 15200
Total weight (g/m2) 1099
Roll Width 4
Shipping Weight (kg/m2) 1.2
Finesse Lite

Finesse Lite Garden Turf in the Sunshine!

Finesse Lite is made with two yarns, a straight yarn and a texturised yarn

Straight Yarn Texturised Yarn
Yarn Monofilament Monofilament
MATERIAL Polyethylene Polyethylene
Dtex 10200 5000
Colours Field Green/Clover Field Green/Jute

Finesse Lite should be sanded at a rate of 5kg per square metre with rounded silica sand for both indoor and outdoor use.


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