Finesse is a 26mm pile height which provides the ultimate in touchability and durability, whilst providing a natural appearance all year round. It is made up of four green tones and beige running through. This turf type is perfect for artificial gardens.

Finesse gives a balanced and natural look resulting in a lawn that feels naturally soft too.


Giving you an idea of what a synthetic grass garden looks like when Finesse is installed

Finesse it made from two different yarns, a straight pile and a thatch pile:


  • lawn transformation

    “The lads did a fantastic job on this and it’s totally transformed our garden back into a useable space again. Many, many thanks to Lion Lawns”Stockton

  • “It is fantastic that we now have the opportunity to go give our children a safe, stimulating and creative environment in which to play. We have made many improvements to the outside of our house and now we will be able to fully utilise them.” –Redcar