Eden has memory yarn technology enabling recovery after activity, with vibrant green tones and a 30mm pile height giving you a superb lush lawn.

It is creative in its construction, taking authentic colourways, inspired by nature, to create something that mimics the real thing perfectly. The yarns offer many added benefits, including light reflective technology as a result of the profiled blades, meaning the surface looks as natural and lush as a well kept lawn.

Pile Height 30mm
Total Height 32mm
Pile Weight 1,695 g/m2
Machine Gauge 3/8
Stitch Rate/ metre 160
Stitches (m2) 16,800
Tufts (m2) 33,600
Total Filaments (m2) 504,000
Total Dtex 15,250
Total Weight (g/m2) 2,487
Roll Width (LM) 4
Shipping Weight (kg/m2) 2.5
Backing Cloth Polyester and Polypropylene woven fabric which is sewn together with a polyester nonwoven fabric.
Coating Performance formula compound, designed for landscape and leisure products.



This Redcar garden was installed using Eden artificial grass

Eden is made up of two different yarns, a straight and a texturised:

Straight Yarn Texturised Yarn
Yarn Type  Monofilament  Monofilament
Material  Polyethylene  Polyethylene
Dtex  10,250  5,000
Filaments  9 5