DIY: Laying Artificial Grass

DIY Products: Laying Artificial Grass


Lion Lawns Adhesive is formulated for bonding artificial grass to a surround, or for seam jointing artificial grass when used in conjunction with seaming tape. It is pre-mixed in an easy to apply tube to be used with a cartridge gun. The adhesive is tolerant to use in damp and cold conditions, with the final bonds being fully resistant to climatic conditions. One tube applied evenly covers approximately 4m – 5m of joint.   £7 per tube.


Seaming tape is specially constructed to be used for seam jointing artificial grass and is to be used in conjunction with our Adhesive Tubes to form a strong bond. £1.00 per linear metre.


Geo-textile membrane is used underneath the turf to create a barrier between the soil base and the new base structure, it prevents weeds and growth through the base. Free draining £1.00 per m2

Rollout Pad

Lion Lawns rollout pad is installed in the widest variety of athletic surfaces (indoor and outdoor facilities). Whether in athletic flooring for sports and multi-purpose halls, as an elastic layer in artificial turf grounds, in outdoor sports facilities, in fitness studios or for equestrian sport; the special properties satisfy all sorts of different requirements.


5mm rollout rubber pad artificial turf underlay

Aqua Bond Adhesive

Our Aqua Bond Adhesive is a single component moisture-curing adhesive, designed for bonding synthetic sports surface carpets to a variety of substrates or jointing tapes. The adhesive is tolerant of damp and cold conditions, with the final bonds being fully resistant to climatic conditions.

  • Single component moisture-curing adhesive.
  • Simple application for artificial lawn construction and repair situations.
  • Applied to one surface, the adhesive exhibits high bond strength.
  • Packed in 310ml cartridges.

Specialist artificial turf joining adhesive


Lion Lawns Shockpad

The shock pad can be used for areas around play equipment when you require a Critical Fall Height, the synthetic grass can be fitted on top to provide a safe, clean, dry playing surface.

The pad can consists of one or two layers, depending on the degree of impact absorption required, covered by a synthetic grass.  It can be laid onto most types of bases and will follow the contours of that base without cracking or damage.

The use of a shock pad increases the drainage capability of any installation both vertically and horizontally. The open cell construction of the mat allows water to pass easily and readily between the closed cell flakes, giving the mat super performance for both vertical and horizontal drainage without absorbing any water.


25mm shock pad- artificial turf underlay