Artificial Turf Maintenance

Artificial turf maintenance will keep your lawn looking fresher for longer.

It’s true that a fake lawn requires much less maintenance than a real one, but a small amount of artificial turf maintenance goes a long way in increasing its longevity, appearance and performance.

Artificial Turf Maintenance Includes:

  • Regular grooming / brushing of the fake lawn once a month
  • Leaf collection
  • Moss & weed killing once a year

Landscaping with artificial grass

Artificial Turf Maintenance Explained

Keeping your fake lawn maintained plays an essential part in making it last longer. It’s really simple, but if neglected can quickly lead to deterioration of the surface. This, in the long run, could end up costing you in repairs or even resurfacing, so its important to keep on top of the little tasks we outline here.

Artificial Turf Maintenance: Brushing

You should brush your artificial turf surface around once a month. It should be done in various directions. There are a few different benefits from doing so:

  • It ensures pile remains upright: sometimes pile can become flattened
  • It removes infill from the surface: sometimes infill can work its way to the surface of your turf, light brushing will return it to the turf structure
  • It helps avoid compaction

Artificial turf Maintenance: Leaf Collection

Again, it’s a small task, but the neglect of it can lead to deterioration of the surface. Debris should be removed from the surface by hand and by brushing. This prevents organic matter from building up in the turf structure. If organic matter is allowed to accumulate, drainage will be affected and weed growth will become more likely.

Artificial Turf Maintenance: Weed Killing

Moss and weed killing should take place once a year (we told you it was less than real lawn maintenance!). This is to ensure that their is no accumulation of vegetation on the synthetic surface.

Important to remember:

  • The moss and weed killer agent you use much be a water based one
  • All dead matter must be removed / swept from the surface

Never to come into contact with your synthetic turf surface:

  • Glass and sharp objects
  • Cigarettes, fire, fireworks
  • Chewing gum and adhesives
  • Cars, motorbikes and heavy vehicles

NB: Wheelchairs and wheelbarrows are allowed on the surface and will cause no damage

A few more things to note:

  • Animal waste should be removed manually and the area should be washed with hot water and soap
  • Stains can usually be removed using hot water and soap/detergent

If you need advice on artificial turf maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact Lion Lawns on 01642 713555