Artificial Grass Install in Middlesbrough


  • CASE STUDY: Artificial Grass Installation in front garden
  • LOCATION: Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough
  • GRASS TYPE: Finesse
  • SIZE OF AREA: 10sqm
  • COMPLETION DATE: July 2017
  • LINK TO BLOG: Click Here
  • BRIEF OVERVIEW OF PROJECT: For such a small area of just 10 square metres, many people may think ‘what is the point in doing that’ well the thing is, you really can spruce up the smallest of areas which can leave your home looking contemporary, modern and mess-free. That is why this Coulby Newham front garden brought a bit of colour to their front garden. Using our middle of the range Finesse created a freshly mowed effect throughout the whole year. See what we did here: