Artificial Lawns


Lion Lawns work with award winning landscape designers to transform dull areas into amazing gardens. There's nothing better than seeing the transformation that takes place when we set to replacing a muddy, hard-to-keep lawn with a pristine artificial grass surface. Artificial Lawns have become a popular choice for homeowners across the UK, requiring little maintenance and remaining usable all year round.

Artificial Lawn

There are various options to choose from when considering a fake lawn. Varying factors are things such as density, length and colour. When deciding which artificial lawn product to choose, it's important to remember that quality is key. At Lion Lawns, we only provide the best in artificial grass technology, and pride ourselves on having extensive experience in the field due to years of hard work and research.

The installation of artificial lawns requires the level of expertise that we house here at Lion Lawns. Do you want your artificial lawn to be suitable for children and pets? If so, we can help design the perfect space for you.

Benefits of choosing an artificial lawn include the drastic reduction of maintenance time spent keeping a garden looking nice. We know that one of the biggest problems of gardening in Britain is the temperamental weather; a week of soggy, muddy lawn will shortly be replaced by a dried out, patchy surface. Opting for a fake lawn means having a perfectly manicured lawn all year round.

At Lion Lawns we employ a team of specialists that will help you every step of the way in your garden revamp. We'll be here before, during and after the installation to ensure you get the advice you need in choosing the right product, and maintaining it afterwards.

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Eden is another top spec product in our range and is designed with memory yarn technology enabling recovery after activity, with vibrant green tones. Standing at a 30mm pile height it is a great artificial grass type that mimics the real thing perfectly and looks incredibly natural, this is supported by the omni directional blades that this turf has to offer.

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Vision Deluxe

Designed to replicate the perfect lush lawn, Vision Deluxe has a luxurious appearance helped by its high density and 32mm height. This yarn uses different shades of green which generates an attractive result! This is one of our top sellers at Lion Lawns and is backed up with warranties, guarantees on top of being British manufactured. It is considered one of the favourites in our Stokesley based office!

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Finesse is a 28mm pile height which provides the ultimate in touchability and durability, whilst providing a natural appearance all year round. It is made up of four green tones and beige running through. This turf type is perfect for artificial gardens.

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Vision offers a fresh green lawn to relax on and admire. This 24mm pile height has a number of green tones and multiple blades of grass which offers a soft and healthy looking appearance.

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Finesse Lite

Quality engineered throughout, Finesse Lite is shorter in height at 22mm with two different yarn types. This is a shorter pile height than our ‘Finesse’ however both products look very similar! This turf is perfect if you have pets or children regularly using the lawn.

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Golf Putt Pro

Golf Putt Pro is one of Lion Lawns’ generic artificial turf sports products perfect for golf, hockey, tennis and other sports. Perfect for home golf greens. This 18mm pile height product is fully texturised. This is a top selling product as it is top spec and our customers love that it delivers fantastic performance for garden golf putts! When golf putt pro is coupled with a Vision or Vision Deluxe fringe it delivers amazing results!

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Golf Putt

Golf Putt is one of our generic sports products. The one tone green 24mm short dense pile surface is great for golf greens, as well as other sports such as hockey and tennis. Golf Putt is available in small quantities and ideal for home golf putting areas. Unsanded Stimpmeter Reading 7.5 (Medium) Total Dtex 6,600 […]

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