We understand that there are all sorts of different artificial turf suppliers all over the world. So why would you come to us? We have put together the top 5 reasons on why you should choose Lion Lawns for your artificial turf needs, please do read on…

artificial turf

Indeed… the perfect artificial grass lawn without any hassle

1.We pride ourselves on quality- Yes, we use British manufactured turf so we can keep tight control with our suppliers. We choose it this way because we believe British artificial turf is of an outstanding quality and will ensure the longevity of the product all year round. We never lay an artificial turf if we don’t think it is up to great quality.

artificial turf

Lion Lawns products are British manufactured





2.You can get the full package with us- We don’t just lay some artificial turf over your lawn. We uplift the existing natural grass (or other base), hire the skip, install a weed membrane and crushed limestone base works, provide plastic edging, artificial grass and then silica sand. We finish this off with brushing the surface. This means it’s much more hassle-free for you. Something we emphasise throughout the whole business! (See advert above)

3.Guarantees and warranties- We don’t just lay the artificial turf and that be it, your product is under warranty and if you aren’t happy, we will strive to fix this. We always give 100% customer service at Lion Lawns.

4.We are always there, a good reputable company that are just a telephone call away to answer all of your queries and needs. Many people call us years on from their installation with a small query on which we can usually answer on the spot!

5.We envisage your vision and strive to create a project to be proud of. We are passionate about what we do and our installers want to give you the perfect garden. We understand the importance of gardens to some people and how your entire home can centre around them.

So there we are, our top 5 reasons to choose Lion Lawns for your artificial turf needs. Of course this doesn’t have to be just lawns, we do lots more applications for artificial turf.

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