Although you may not have seen many lawn transformations lately, be sure that we have still been busy with so many different projects in and around Teesside. So we thought we would take you on a trip to Stockton today with this artificial grass garden that our team supplied and installed recently.

Take a look at this image…

lawn transformation before

Do you have an area in your garden that you’re not quite sure what to do with?

Look familiar? This garden has been beautifully presented with decking, gravel and the plants/trees. But what is missing? Gardens like this can be hard to keep on top of and trying to mow these lawns is often a difficult task lugging the lawn mower over. So what can you do about it?

Lion Lawns can offer low maintenance artificial grass which could be the key missing feature to your garden project. A lawn transformation consists of Lion Lawns completing an artificial grass installation from start to finish. That’s everything included! You don’t need to prepare the garden at all, we will do everything from removing the existing turf to laying the new artificial grass.

But we don’t just install on previous natural grass, we can complete a lawn transformation on concrete too.

What did Lion Lawns do about it?

Well after a thorough consultation with our expert installers, the customers were able to design the lawn transformation and this is what it looked like…

lawn transformation

Artificial grass can transform your lawn

lawn transformation

It is designed to look and feel like natural grass

Lawn transformation

Even the front garden was transformed

lawn transformation

Odd shapes can be cut to precision

What did we use?

This Stockton project was completed with Finesse artificial turf.


Finesse is complete with a brown thatch

Finesse stands at a 28mm pile height and has a brown thatch running through to make your lawn transformation even more realistic! For more information on Finesse, please click here.

Like what you read?

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