Over the past 10 years we saw a surge in the installation of decking in homes all over the UK. Now is the time when people are looking for different creations to add to their ever growing garden! So what about artificial grass? Can you lay artificial grass on decking? In today’s blog we are going to discuss this popular question in detail however to cut a long story short… Yes! You can lay artificial grass on decking!

Lion Lawns artificial grass is designed to allow fantastic drainage and last for many years in the future however if not installed correctly with sufficient base works, problems can surface in the future. Choosing Lion Lawns to install your artificial grass on decking ensures a thorough examination of the decking. Rotten or broken decking would not be a good idea to act as the base works!

Often over time decking discolours and that is why a lot of people choose to install artificial grass on decking. Take a look at this area before the process of installing the artificial grass on decking took place.

artificial grass on decking

This is a good base to start your artificial grass on decking process

We recommend that you consider the type of turf for this application. If the area is heavily used a shorter pile height would be a much more suitable option, for more information on this please contact us.

So the real answer is that you can install artificial grass on decking however make sure that you choose the correct installer and the right grass type coupled with a thorough inspection of the previous decking.

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