Can you install artificial grass on concrete? Well, many people are unsure where you can install artificial grass on top of. Concrete and decking are the most common questions we get to do with this topic, we know it can be quite confusing so we are going to put this simple for you in today’s blog…

Yes, You Can Install Artificial Grass on Concrete!

Firstly, artificial grass is designed to go on top of a smooth surface and this can be applied to all sorts of surfaces however the harder the surface you install on top of, the likelihood is you may need a rubber padding underneath to avoid the surface being so hard, especially if children are likely to be playing on it.


A 5mm rubber pad should also be used for another reason, and that is to make the surface much smoother

Installation of Artificial Grass on Concrete

If there are weeds growing through your concrete, it would be best to have a weed membrane layer to ensure weeds don’t grow through the artificial grass. The backing of the grass is fully perforated to allow for drainage.

The 5mm padding and artificial grass will be secured in place on top of the concrete with specialist artificial grass glue this will then be weighed down with the sand infill so that it stays in the correct place for a very long time!

Artificial Grass on Concrete (In Pictures)

Last year we were at Ingleby Barwick, Teesside completing an artificial grass project  where we did just that and installed artificial grass on block paving. Look at the before and after pictures here:


Artificial grass over a block paving surface

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